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Top 10 things you should know about alison:

  1. She is loyal, committed, dedicated, and FUN!

  2. Ali is an RVA native

  3. Her first love of fitness was as a competitive swimmer

  4. Second to fitness, she is a lover of fashion

  5. Ali holds a certification in Lagree Fitness as well as CPR and AED

  6. She was with Capital One for 12 years, where she held positions in Project Management, Vendor Relationship Management, and IT

  7. Serving as a Senior Account Manager with TTEC, a Denver-based technology company for 12 years, she oversees sales, revenue, operations, and leadership of global teams

  8. This girl LOVES music

  9. Ali holds nearly a dozen professional certifications including 7 Habits of Highly Effective Leaders, Salesforce, Staff Management, Development and Operations Management

  10. Ali is the co-owner of PLANKrva!


Top 10 things you should know about tanya:

  1. She has had a lifelong passion for fitness

  2. Tanya took her first Megaformer™ class in NYC, and became HOOKED

  3. Also a hairdresser, she is an owner of The Cutting Room

  4. She previously taught barre and yoga, and received certification to lead guided meditation

  5. Tanya holds a certification in Lagree Fitness, barre, fundamental yoga, CPR and AED

  6. She loves ALL things Megaformer™

  7. Tanya is not an RVA native, but considers herself a local having lived in this amazing city for 26 years

  8. Black is her favorite "color"

  9. Tanya has done hair and makeup work for TV, as well as several magazine publications

  10. She is the co-owner of PLANKrva!