one month expiration

(classes expire one month from the first class taken)

4 Class Pass: $80
($20 per class)

the skinny: These packages MUST be scheduled in chronological order! Why??? Because we’ve spoiled you by making the package expiration start at the first class scheduled, not date of purchase! If you schedule a class and later try to schedule a class prior to that date, the system will prompt you for payment or pull a class from another package (if available) because the system cannot reset the expiration date!

the fix: Cancel the future scheduled class. Schedule the class on the previous date and then sign up for classes on future dates in chronological order!


8 Class Pass: $144
($18 per class)

YOU'VE BEEN WARNED! Make sure you can take on average 2 classes a week!

did you read the ‘skinny’ above?

12 Class Pass: $192
($16 per class)

WHOA! Such a great deal! Are we starting to sound like we're nagging? We don't mean to, we just want to make sure you've chosen the best package for YOU!

did you read the ‘skinny’ above?


one year expiration

(classes expire one year after date of purchase)

                          First Class for New Clients Only: $20

New Clients Only: If you love the Megaformer and want to try a month unlimited for $99, email the studio ( for more information!

Just 1 Class: $29

5 Class Pass: $140

10 Class Pass: $260

1 Month Unlimited: $299
If you come on average 4 times a week, this is a great option which would equate to just over $18 a class

3 Months Unlimited: $279/month (recurring)

6 Months Unlimited: $249/month (recurring)

1 Year Unlimited: $1,999 (must be paid in full)