Top 10 things you should know about Annie:

  1. You will ALWAYS see her with a smile on her face!
  2. Annie LOVES endurance sports-she has completed several half, and 5 full marathons
  3. She THRIVES on channelling mental strength, and the sense of accomplishment that comes after a hard race or workout
  4. Annie believes PLANKrva gives her balance, flexibility, and power-she loves the sweat, community and atmosphere of PLANKrva
  5. She's ADDICTED to the Megaformer™
  6. You’ll often find Annie’s DAD on a Megaformer™ during one of her classes. He's addicted too!
  7. Annie is an RVA native
  8. She graduated from VCU
  9. Annie is AFAA and Lagree certified, you can find her teaching various workouts about town
  10. Annie's laugh is infectious, she will make your intense and challenging workout feel like FUN


Top 10 things you should know about Tara:

  1. You will NEVER see Tara sweat! From nerves, that is. Tara is cool as a cucumber, and will always deliver a steady, consistent class
  2. Tara loves EVERYTHING related to sports and fitness-if she's not watching sports, she's playing them!
  3. She LOVES swimming, gymnastics, playing soccer, running, and snowboarding
  4. Tara has run three marathons, several half marathons, 10k's and 5ks, even traveling to CA to run her last half marathon
  5. She is an RVA native
  6. Tara has a degree in Parks, Recreation and Sport Management from VCU and is Lagree certified
  7. Since college she has worked in college athletics, and AA baseball
  8. Tara is an AMAZING certified personal trainer
  9. She just got MARRIED!
  10. If Tara hadn't chosen her sweet husband, we are SURE she would have married the Megaformer™

Top 10 things you should know about kierstin:

  1. Kierstin is PASSIONATE about PLANKrva 
  2. She LOVES the strength she gains from the Megaformer™, not just physical but also mental strength to take on whatever comes her way!
  3. Kierstin is an ADRENALINE junkie – you may find her flying from the sky from time to time
  4. She loves “love” and is all about that POSITIVE energy
  5. She is AFAA certified in cycling and group exercise, Lagree certified and graduated from Ohio State University (Go BUCKS!) 
  6. Kierstin has an M.P.H. which fuels her passion for community-based health education, love of fitness, and a keen interest in helping others achieve the best version of themselves.
  7. When she’s not on the Megaformer™, you can find Kierstin thrifting - everything in her house has been DIYed and thrifted
  8. Kierstin is obsessed with PLANKrva’s local COMMUNITY vibe
  9. She is ENERGETIC and motivational in every workout - she will inspire you to be the best version of yourself! 
  10. She loves to dance, DANCE, dance!


Bio and smile coming soon...


Bio and smile coming soon...


Bio and smile coming soon...