Get ready to meet your machine! This class will combine strength, endurance, cardiovascular, balance, flexibility and core training not only in one workout, but in each and every move on the Megaformer™.  Perfect for all fitness levels!


One hour fusion class! Grab those gloves to box it out and then finish on the Mega for total body conditioning. Expect cardio, strength and conditioning, core and brain work. All fitness levels! POW! 


Beat the after work traffic coming and going! A 45 minute class with the intensity of our signature 60 minute powerPLANK class!


Core-focused workout for 25 minutes, to finish with 20 minutes of dynamic stretching. This class will deliver a burn like no other while also releasing stress and tension in the body!


This is powerPLANK in a 45 minute class! You can still get that workout in without running late in the morning. We can't say it'll be any easier though...

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